Danchigai – First Impressions

Danchigai 1                                                                                                                                                                        I’m mostly a sucker when it comes to comedies and slice-of-life anime because I enjoy the genre very much. Danchigai is that type of anime, though its episode length doesn’t allow for much to really happen.

Simply, Danchigai follows the life of Haruki and his four sisters: Mutsuki, Yayoi, Uzuki and Satsuki. Haruki’s sisters love teasing and annoying him from time to time; from wrestling on top of him to sleeping in his room. Even with these daily annoyances in his life, Haruki loves and appreciates his sisters very much and would do anything for them.

Welcome to Suplex City!
Welcome to Suplex City!

The show suffers, unfortunately, due to the short length of its episodes – which is only two minutes long. Even though each episode focuses on a specific situation in their lives there are instances where events seem rushed. Also, I didn’t find the show to be as funny as I thought it would. Despite these flaws, however, the show still feels relatable to real life – you could see situations similar to those in the anime happen to you if you have siblings of your own. Even though Haruki sometimes gets punished by his sisters if he does something that seems perverted you can still feel the love between the siblings and how much they care for one another.

Danchigai 3                                                                                                                                                                        Despite its flaws, Danchigai still feels like a heartfelt and tender anime about living with siblings; especially if you’re the only male in the family. I will still be giving it a watch, but don’t have any high expectations for this show should you give it a try.







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