How can I make this blog better?

Dragonball 5

Hello Everyone! Recently I’ve been feeling that this blog needs a bit of an upgrade in terms of content, topics and how I go about giving you this content. I almost feel as though this blog doesn’t stand out much compared to the other countless anime blogs on the internet. That is where you come in, fellow blog reader. I need your help in making my blog even better.

What I need from you is to please let me know in the comments section how you think this blog could improve: what needs to be changed, what this blog is lacking, certain topics you want me to write more on, etc. I wanted to make this a poll but that felt too impersonal; it would be better if I engaged with you personally on this topic. Remember that you, fellow blog reader, are the one that makes this blog possible. I’m here to provide you a service in the form of entertainment and information. I hope to hear lots of comments and suggestions from you guys. Lets all strive to make this anime blog even better together! 🙂


9 thoughts on “How can I make this blog better?

Add yours

  1. I agree with both Sunite and Josefcd904. Trying to blog/write regularly will make it easier in the long run. And writing something different other than reviews once in a while can also be fun. Try new things and see what works for you. Every blogger is different. I learned that other’s blogging habits just don’t work for me.

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    1. I agree with you on the fact that other’s blogging habits don’t work. I tried to do something different and write first impression posts since waiting for a whole series to end before writing a review on it would take too long. I’ve felt that idea has done more of an injustice to me than good. But thank you for your suggestions! I will see how I will be able to change things up a bit 🙂

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  2. Well a lot of people do reviews, first impressions and what not. It might be a good idea but to try to do a different kind of post as well as doing those. Maybe not make it like a weekly type of post, but biweekly or once a month post that is different than a review or impression on something. Just a thought, hope it helped.

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  3. Hello, new to this blog. And gotta agree that it’s hard to get any anime blog going. I’m part of those endless anime blog you mentioned too. Hmm, I think I’d suggest you do write more often? More then once a week maybe.

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