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Umaru Chan 1

Osu, everyone! Been a while since I last posted something. I’ve been bogged down with lots of work at university lately so that’s why I’ve been a bit quiet. Anyway, I currently have some breathing space right now so I want to use this time to let you know on some exciting things I could potentially be working on (for education, of course 😉 ) in the next few weeks.

  1. To put it into context: the seminar I’m doing for television studies this semester involves looking at queer identities in relation to Orange is the New Black. Our seminar essay is coming up soon and we have to come up with our own topic ideas for our seminar leader. A topic idea that I came up with was looking at the portrayal of lesbians in yuri anime in relation to Japanese society. My seminar leader sounded ecstatic about it when I told her since she’s also a fan of anime (she runs a 3rd year seminar which looks at Miyazaki films).

Sakura Trick 1

2. One of my main assignments for screen production this semester is to create a short documentary. We have yet to pitch in our ideas to one another and to vote on which topics people are interested in working on, but my idea involves creating a documentary looking at cosplay culture, particularly the impact it has on the individuals who take part in it.

[Image via M WEST Photography]
[Image via M WEST Photography]
So those are the two exciting projects coming up for me soon. What are your thoughts on those ideas? Do you think they will work? Any ideas or suggestions that you can think of that could potentially make it much better? Let me know in the comments section below. Till next time, folks!

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