Cosplay with Kuroneko: Flemeth


Hey everyone! So today my buddy, Kuroneko Cosplay, will be giving you a lengthy and detailed guide on how to create her recent Flemeth cosplay – it took her under a week to create it. Hope you guys enjoy it and give her a like on her Facebook page to show your support 🙂

This will be a fairly simple picture-progress of how I made my Flemeth cosplay.

Leg Armour – Thigh pieces and Shin pieces part 1:

I started with the thigh armour, which basically was two parts that only covered the front. I started with the upper one, which goes under the lower piece. I drew and cut out two house-shaped pieces of medium – thick craft foam, and four strips of craft foam which go along the top. Then I did the same for the lower piece, but made the “house” slightly longer.


While I was cutting out the “houses” I decided to cut out the pieces that go cover the top half of my shin, which also had a house-shape. These “houses” have a sharper and longer point, and the strips are longer. So now I have 6 houses!

Shin 2

Moving back to the thigh pieces, I heated the craft foam “house” and shaped it to my thigh. Then I cut it in half and glued it back together at a slight angle, to give it a curve.

Shin 3

The next step I did was take the strips and glue it to the points of the house. Then just cut off the edges.

Shin 4

You will end up with six houses that have strips glued to the diagonal edges.

Shin 5

Then I used super thin craft foam (worbla would work even better) to cover the pieces. I cut out a piece sized to the piece of armour I wanted to cover, then I heated it and pressed it to the armour piece, especially around the strips. I did this for all six pieces.

Shin 6

Then I glued the thin craft foam to the armour piece, at the back.

Shin 7

I did this for all six armour pieces. And voila

Shin 8

The next step is priming for armour pieces, so I can paint them. There are many methods to prime craft foam, but I use the wood glue method. You may want to more than one layer as well.

Shin 9

Once the wood glue was dry, I spray painted all the pieces.

Shin 10

Once the spray paint was dry, I glued the two thigh pieces together. The upper thigh piece went under the lower thigh piece, but sticking out a bit at the top.

Shin 11

Then I added two strips of elastic to the back of each, to keep it on my legs.

Shin 12

Knee guards:

Next I moved onto the knee guards. First I cut out two diamond-shaped pieces. Then I cut it into four pieces, heated the pieces and curved them slightly. Then I glued them back together at a slight angle. I also cut four strips of craft foam for each knee piece, and glued them along the edges of the knee guard.

Knee 1

Then I did the same thing I did with the thigh guards, and covered the knee guards with thin craft foam. I cut out a piece of thin craft foam, heated it, shaped it to the knee guards and glued it down.

Knee 2

Then I drew and cut out the two shark-shaped fins which go in the middle of the knee guards. I made this out of thin craft foam.

Knee 3

And next were the side fins. I made a lotus shaped pattern for these. And cut out four of them, one for each side of the knee guards. (Later I cut the inner ones shorter, so that I could walk a bit more comfortably).

Knee 4

Then I heated the fins, and folded them on the lines with the middle line folding upward and the other two folding downward. I did this to all four pieces.

Knee 5

Then I stuck the shark-fins to the middle of the knee guards, and the lotus-shaped fins to the sides of the knee guards. And then primed with knee guards with wood glue, and spray painted once the wood glue was dry.

Knee 6

Lower leg pieces and shin armour part 2:

Next was patterning and cutting the craft foam for the lower leg armour. I just did a basic design for this, as not much would be seen, because it goes under the shin armour. First I used cling wrap to get a basic shape of my leg, then I added cuts to make the pattern lay flat. Then I cut the pattern out of craft foam, heated it and shaped it to my lower leg, as well as gluing the cuts back together.

Leg 1

I used Neodymium (Rare Earth) magnets and wire along the edge to close the armour together. These magnets are super strong, so watch out for your fingers. They’re also a little bit brittle, so they might chip a bit if you let them jump together. Next I cut two strips of elastic, one of each armour piece, and glues it to the top of the armour piece, so it would go around my leg above my calf.

Leg 2

Then I cut out a piece of thin craft foam to go around the armour piece, with a bit extra on the one edge, which would cover the back where the magnets were. I heated and shaped the craft foam, before gluing it down. Then I cut three strips of Velcro and glued it to the thin craft foam.

Leg 3

Then I primed and spray painted the lower leg pieces.

Leg 4

Next I took the shin pieces, and measuring them around my leg while wearing the lower leg armour, I cut out two wide pieces of craft foam. I then heated and shaped the pieces to go around the back of my legs.

Leg 5

And attached strips of Velcro to the one end of the craft foam pieces and to the back of the shin pieces. Then I glued the other end of the craft foam piece to the other side of the shin pieces. Then I primed and spray painted the piece.

Leg 6


First I took an old pair of shoes and spray painted them silver. Then I cut out a triangular piece of thin craft foam for the tip of the shoes and rectangular pieces for the rest, two to cover the top of the shoe and one to go around the back. Then I glued them as shown in the pic.

Shoes 1

Then I cut out two fins for each shoe, and glued them on top of the shoe. And then I primed and spray painted the shoes.

Shoes 2

Arm armour:

The first thing is to make or find a long black glove and spray paint it with silver. It gives it a kind of chain mail effect. (I did a second layer of spray paint, after I took these pictures). Then I took a small triangular shaped piece of craft foam, and heated it and shaped it to my fingers. Two for each finger.

Arm 1

Then I glued the fingers pieces of the glove. (Watch out for fingers here, especially if you’re using hot glue like I was). Next I cut out three rectangular pieces of craft foam, one wider than the rest, and glued them to the top of the glove, with the wider piece on top and at the back. Then I primed and spray painted the gloves.

Arm 2

Wrist guards:

I made the wrist guard out of four big pieces, and four smaller pieces. This took a bit of figuring out to get the exact sizes right. Out of the big pieces, two had to be slightly smaller than the other two. Same with the smaller pieces. The two bigger pieces go on the outside of my arm and the two smaller on my inner arm. The big pieces make up the main piece of the wrist guard, and the small pieces make up the edges.

Wrist 1

I added Velcro straps to the inside of the big inner arm pieces, to make the joint where I could take the wrist guard on and off. I did this by cutting a piece of Velcro in two on one side, and gluing it to either side of the joint. The other side of the Velcro I glued to the glove. And then I glued the rest of the big pieces together, with the small joints on the side of my wrist. Next I glued the small pieces of the edges of the big pieces. Then I primed and spray painted.

Wrist 2


These were pretty simple. I cut a rectangular piece of craft foam and heated and shaped it to my arm. Then I took some Velcro and cut the side of that piece into two and stuck it to the inside of the vambraces, the same as the wrist guards. Then I primed!


Elbow guards:

The elbow guards have a part which dip down on the outside, so I cut rectangular shapes out of craft foam which goes down near the end. I then stuck the two wider ends together, and added Velcro to the inside, using the method mentioned above. This made the bottom part of the elbow guards.

Elbow 1

Next was the top part. I cut two rounded “rectangular” pieces out of craft foam. I heated the pieces, shaped them and glued them to the top of the elbow guards. Then I added a strip of elastic inside the elbow guards. Next I cut out, heated, shaped and glued two fins to the outside of the elbow guard, using the same pattern that I did for the fins attached to the knee guard. Then I primed and painted.

Elbow 2

Upper arm armour:

These were also pretty simple. First I drew a house shape with the tip cut off, and cut two out of craft foam. Then I heated and shaped it to my upper arm.

Upper arm 1

Next I glued the bottom pieces together, and added a piece of Velcro at the top, using the same method as for the elbow guards. Then I added a piece of elastic on the inside, near the top. Then I primed and painted.

Upper arm 2


I used black oil paint for this, and both brushes and a sponge.


Wig and headpiece:

First I did the horns. I cut horned shaped pieces out of craft foam, four pairs, two long and two short. Each pair had one side longer than the other, which went on the outside and was where I put glue on to glue it to the wig. Then each piece was heated and curved around, and then glued to each other and then the wig.

Headpiece 1

Next I painted the horns white, and using the paint as glue, I cut pieces of wig and glued it to the horns. This was a very frustrating and painful process, but eventually the wig listened. Then I wrapped the red rope around the horns.

Next I made the headpiece and earrings out of Bostik Crazy Clay, which I painted white before spray painting silver. The earrings I glued to a pair of studs, and the headpiece I glued to a piece of craft foam which was glued to the wig.

Headpiece 2


I used a basic pattern for the top, and a special pattern made for the neckpiece. I cut the pieces out of red pleather, and sewed them together. Then studs were stuck down on the top and neckpiece using fabric glue, and feathers were stuck to the neck piece. For the pants, I got plain black leggings, cut down the side, added buttonholes and threaded the red ribbon. For the skirt, I used a pattern I had made, with a long back and short v shaped front.

Clothing 1

Final Product:

[Image via Niji Cosplay. Edited by Nakashi]
[Image via Niji Cosplay. Edited by Nakashi]
Special Thanks:

Nakashi, SaiyuuSama Cosplay, Niji Cosplay and Marissa for their help with making the cosplay, taking photos and editing.




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