Gakusen Toshi Asterisk – First Impressions

Asterisk 1

Futuristic Academy Fighters (yes, I made that up now) seem to be quite a popular choice of genre these days, especially in shounen anime. This one is no different: new/transfer student entering an academy where everyone fights each other to determine who’s the strongest of them all. Main character shows potential to be very strong but we have yet to see his full power. While Gakusen Toshi Asterisk adds nothing new to the genre, it’s quite entertaining so far.

Centuries ago, before the start of the anime, a great disaster, known as the Invertia, drastically changed the world’s landscape. Nations were soon in decline, causing them to form a type of conglomerate called the Integrated Empire Foundation. With the Invertia came a new breed of human beings; ones with superb physical abilities and powers. They are known as the Genestella. Every year the Genestella compete in a form of Battle Entertainment, called Festas, to determine the strongest among them. Enter Amagiri Ayato; a transfer student at the Seidoukan Academy, one of the six most prestigious Academies for Genestella. While on his way to Seidoukan, he finds a handkerchief floating in the air. He realises that the handkerchief came from an open window. As he enters the room where the handkerchief fell from he meets Julis, getting dressed into her school uniform. While Julis is grateful to Ayato for bringing back her handkerchief, she challenges him to a duel due to walking into her getting dressed. Later in the first episode, it is revealed that Ayato’s decision to enter Seidoukan is more than to become strong; his older sister, whom he believes was a previous student at Seidoukan, has suddenly disappeared and he hopes to find clues as to what might have happened to her.

Asterisk 2

As you can guess from the image above, this show will have its fair share of fanservice from time to time. Another trope that will be featured quite a bit is the harem trope, since the Student Body President, Claudia, seems to have the hots for Ayato. What made the first episode quite entertaining, however, was the duel between Ayato and Julis. The duel was quite fast paced and a bit stylish at the same time, mostly from Ayato’s end. While we have yet to see more from Ayato, the amount of power Julis showed in the duel makes her a force to be reckoned with. This is also evident during the cliffhanger at the end of the episode, where a student provokes her and she becomes very angry about it. Hopefully that eventual battle will live up to the standard the first battle set.

Asterisk 3

While it is still too early to make any rash judgements about the show, Gakusen Toshi Asterisk has been quite entertaining so far based on the first episode alone. Hopefully we will soon see more in terms of its plot and action sequences but so far I am eager to see what happens with this show.

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