UCON 2015


So this past weekend I attended a local convention in my area called UCON; a convention organised by the University of Cape Town’s anime club called Genshiken (yes, based on the anime). It was a 2-day event filled with many things you would usually find at a geek convention: gaming, manga, comics, figurines and lots more.

So this year I wanted to do something different: I wanted to try my hand at cosplay. Now I didn’t create an outfit from scratch, per se, I just found some clothes in my cupboard and decided to get creative with it. At first I was going to go with a super simple character: Mr Chang from Black Lagoon, but I couldn’t find any pistols to match the outfit and after second thoughts I wasn’t happy with the idea. After scouring the internet for other ideas I came across something called Pimp Cosplay. Pimp Cosplay is basically when you take a famous pop culture character and create a pimp version of them. I instantly fell in love with the idea and this is the result of that inspiration:

Pimp Vader
Is Pimp Vader gonna have to force choke a bitch?

I was extremely happy with the outfit and it was well-received by everyone at the convention. The only problem was that it was quite hot that day so I got stuffy very quickly in the outfit.


At the convention there were many stalls filled with lots of geek goodies there: some were selling figurines and comics while others were selling T-shirts and character-engraved glasses. There were so many things there that I couldn’t decide what to buy there. That was just on one side of the convention. On the other side was the gaming area; where various gaming tournaments, such as Mortal Kombat X and Call of Duty, were taking place. There was also a casual area to play other games there, such as Street Fighter and Tekken (J-Stars Victory was also there, which was a crowd favourite). The highlights of the gaming area were the Guitar Hero competition (which I narrowly lost) and playing Street Fighter against some top players (the vibe felt like I was taking part in EVO).

There was also a Maid Cafe there, which was very well run and had tasty treats
There was also a Maid Cafe there, which was very well run and had tasty treats

Near the end of the convention there were various cosplay competitions taking place. On the first day there was a Budget Cosplay competition to see who could make a really good cosplay with just random stuff around the house. On the second day was the main cosplay competition – this was when most of the professional cosplayers came to UCON. There were two categories for the cosplay competition: best outfit and best skit. I didn’t enter the cosplay competition because I was cosplaying just for fun and I wouldn’t be allowed to enter anyway.



Some of the cosplay on display at UCON
Some of the cosplay on display at UCON

All in all, UCON was a very enjoyable experience. The vibe was great and the event was well organised. Remember that this was a university-organised event so the amount of effort and time that went in to all of this was phenomenal. I cannot wait for next year’s UCON; hopefully it will be bigger and better!

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For more images from UCON check out:

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