Journalist “Slut and Body Shames” Cosplayers at Comic Con Africa

Knowing that the majority of my readers are not South African, I thought I’d bring to your attention a controversial article that has been making the rounds in the South African geek community as of late.

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The Baka’s Guide to Surviving Your First Convention

Comic Book Conventions, such as San Diego Comic Con, are one of the many highlights on the geek calendar. This is where you would usually spend your hard earned money on comics, figurines, special drawings and video games, usually at a discounted rate. While this is just one aspect of attending conventions, others attend for the vibe or to show off their latest cosplay creations. While it’s nice to think about the great things you hope to do at the event, it’s always good to be prepared for anything, especially if you are a first time attendee. Here are a few tips to help you survive your first comic book convention, based on my personal experiences.

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Update on My Life

Umaru Chan 1

Osu, everyone! Been a while since I last posted something. I’ve been bogged down with lots of work at university lately so that’s why I’ve been a bit quiet. Anyway, I currently have some breathing space right now so I want to use this time to let you know on some exciting things I could potentially be working on (for education, of course 😉 ) in the next few weeks.

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Excelsior!: The Impact of Free Comic Book Day on the Geek Community

If you were walking around the streets of Claremont on 2 May 2015, you may have seen Batman or Spiderman walk right past you. Were your eyes deceiving you? No, they were not. Chances are, they were on their way to attend Free Comic Book Day at Stadium on Main; sometimes referred to as Cape Town’s own Comic Con. Hosted by Cape Town’s local comic book store, Readers Den, the event has attracted many faces over the years, young and old alike.

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“Cosplay is Not Consent”: The Dark Reality of Sexual Abuse Against Cosplayers

A New York Comic Con  sign in 2014 warning attendees not to sexually harass cosplayers [Image via Trans Girl Writer]
A New York Comic Con
sign in 2014 warning attendees not to sexually harass cosplayers [Image via Trans Girl Writer]
According to a 2014 study by Janelle Asselin, 59% of comic book fans felt that sexual harassment at conventions is a problem that must be dealt with. Sexual abuse is mostly aimed at female cosplayers and shockingly only 8% reported that they were sexually abused physically. Other results showed that 13% reported sexual comments made towards them at conventions and on social media. While these results apply to American comic book conventions specifically, people should not turn a blind eye to sexual abuse happening in their own community. Although the South African cosplay community is smaller than the American community, sexual abuse against cosplayers is still a reality.

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