[Guest Post] Death Note – A Deplorable Attempt at Adaptation

Death Note

Hello everyone and welcome to That Baka Blog’s first ever guest post. Today I would like to introduce you to Stephen Nagel, a filmmaker and blogger from Cape Town, South Africa. When he’s not talking about film, he’s probably off writing or shooting one. If you enjoy reading this post, please make sure to catch more of his ramblings on his blog, BTG Lifestyle, or on Twitter at @thesnagel. Without further a do, here’s Stephen’s review on the Death Note anime and Netflix film.

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Anime for the Non-Anime Watcher

I watch for the plot [Image via Funnyjunk]
I’m sure most people believe this [Image via Funnyjunk]
Let’s be honest, not everyone can appreciate anime the same way others do. Some people either find it hard to understand or just plain weird (cue “I’ve seen enough hentai to know where this is going” meme). For those who are interested in trying out anime but are unsure what to watch, here is a list of anime that I would recommend to you, just to help you get started. Take note, however, that this is a subjective list based on anime that I’ve watched before. It was very difficult to decide which anime should appear on this list.

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