Ghost in the Shell: A Stylish, Surprisingly Good Live-Action Adaptation

Like most of us, when we heard this film was being made, I was quite skeptical as to how this would turn out since Hollywood has a tendency to turn every adaptation they touch into shit. On top of that the film also received harsh criticism for its casting, accusing it of “whitewashing”. After hearing mixed responses I decided to go watch it myself and create my own opinions about it. I initially went into this film with low expectations and came out very impressed with what I saw. I did not go into this film with any sort of agenda, I went to watch this film with an open mind and as an anime fan.

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Ghost in the Shell Arise AMV

So this is an AMV that I recently created using Cyberlink PowerDirector. It’s my first AMV in years so I hope you enjoy watching it.

Anime: Ghost in the Shell Arise                                                                                                                      Music: Firestarter by The Prodigy

The Influence of Anime in Pop Culture

Ghost in the Shell: The anime film that inspired The Matrix [Image via]
Ghost in the Shell: The anime film that inspired The Matrix [Image via]
As an Otaku and avid film watcher, I have always been interested in finding a link between anime and cinema and how the one compliments the other. Believe it or not, many Hollywood films and other forms of media that we watch have been influenced, one way or another, by anime. But what is it about anime that has caused it to have such a huge effect on Western media today?

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