Shimoneta – First Impressions

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know what she's saying
It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know what she’s saying

Imagine a world where the concept of dirty jokes is considered a crime in society. Imagine a world where the government tracks everything you do in order to prevent indecency. That is the world Shimoneta shows us and it does it in a very clever, yet humourous way.

Shimoneta follows the story of Okuma Tanukichi; son of a famous dirty-joke terrorist who enrolls into Japan’s highest public morals school. His childhood crush, Nishikinomiya Anna, is the school’s student body president and invites him to become part of the student body. According to Anna, a student at the school is posing as the dirty-joke terrorist known as “Blue Snow” and asks Tanukichi to help her track “Blue Snow” down. It is then revealed that Kajou Ayame, the student body vice-president, is “Blue Snow” and asks Tanukichi to help her spread her acts of “terrorism” by forming a terrorist group known as SOX. Tanukichi is blackmailed by Ayame into helping her and the two go about doing acts of terrorism: from spreading dirty pictures around the school to showing a video of two flies having sex while Ayame shouts sexual moans and phrases through the microphone.

These stats and more proudly brought to you by SOX
These stats and more proudly brought to you by SOX

As you can guess by its storyline, Shimoneta thrives in its sexual humour. What I like is that the show is very self conscious about itself and even censors indecent words or pictures – the censors add to the humour of the show. Most people watching this series will already pick up what the characters are saying or what they are referring to, but other times the humour might not be that obvious. In these instances the series makes an effort to tell the audience what the sexual humour is through the characters words and actions. An example of this is when a normal-looking picture is unusually censored and Tanukichi is trying to warn Anna about it. Anna doesn’t understand what is so indecent about the picture but the small details she picks up about it suggest to us what is sexual about the picture. What I also love about this show is its use of euphemisms. Because it’s a crime to say anything sexual the characters use clever words to describe what they are referring to. An example would be to use the word “cucumber” to describe a penis. At the end of episode one, the series uses brilliant forms of euphemism to describe the students climaxing to the video of two flies having sex; such as a volcano erupting and a rocket lifting off the surface.

I'm sure this exam is going to rock their SOX off
I’m sure this exam is going to rock their SOX off

Shimoneta is definitely ranked as one of my top anime for this season. The clever use of sexual humour in this series makes it very worthwhile to watch and also very interesting. Even though the show is about bringing back dirty jokes into society, the show is actually making an implicit statement about the importance of freedom of speech and how this can cause problems in society if this human right is restricted. I definitely recommend this series if you’re looking for something that uses ecchi for all the right reasons except fanservice.


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